Prospective Students

Research in our lab is focused on fisheries and using statistics to help solve real-world problems. The ‘integrated’ part of our name reflects that many of our projects stitch together information from multiple disciplines to address each problem as needed, typically through the use of Bayesian probability. While quantitative models are but one way to see the world, they are our main tools.

So if you’re interested in joining us, you need to be ready to program in either R or Python, and to take on research using probabalisitc programming.

The most important traits we look for in people are kindness and perserverence.

Grad school is an apprenticeship, not a job. You are gaining a qualification to conduct research independently.

Our research spans a wide range of scales and contexts, from local to global, and from fisheries science to global human health. So if you’re into fish and models, this might be a place for you.

Points to consider

The most important reason for doing grad school in our lab is an unreasonable need to find things out. If you don’t want to set yourself on fire to know something, our lab isn’t for you.

There are many excellent destinations for people with graduate degrees in Biology, and the academic path is but one of them. We value and appreciate students who have a wide range of backgrounds and employment objectives.

Current costs for a 4-year PhD are $120,000 and must come from either scholarships or grants. This means that we only have space for those have secured funding already or are applying for a posted opportunity.

If you wish to contact us to introduce yourself or find out more, please send an email to

Current Postings

We currently have no openings in our group.